Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles      

Reputable Breeder of Quality F1b Goldendoodle Pet Companion, Therapy and Service Dogs
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F1b Goldendoodle Puppies



Medium $2,500

Planning spring MEDIUM litters out of Indy and Charlie and Lilly and Charlie

Miniatures $2,800
Planning spring MINIATURE litter out of Pippen and Louis

The Little Ladies of Parfait Mischen

Coming Soon!

The Gents of Parfait Mischen

Coming Soon!

A $250.00 deposit is required for all puppies. It is always best to wait and be sure the litter is in good health, therefore deposits become non-refundable  after the litter reaches two weeks of age.  Deposits are accepted in good faith. The breeder is promising to hold a puppy of the buyer’s choice, and the buyer is promising to keep their part of the agreement and pay for a puppy.  A deposit is NOT refundable, because you change your mind, or find a puppy closer to home.  If I have accepted a deposit, I am “holding” a puppy and may have to pass up another good home.  A refund will be given only if the puppy does not pass the Vet check-up or if you place a deposit on an upcoming litter and the puppy that you are placing the deposit on (sex/color) is not born in the litter.  It is ultimately my decision about deposits.

We offer PayPal services for deposits only or we will gladly accept a check when you place a deposit on your puppy but the puppy is not officially "held" until your check clears.  If you would like to use PayPal to pay in full, please contact us first, or your payment will be declined and returned.

When you come to pick up your puppy, please bring cash or make arrangements with us to prepay through PayPal.  We only accept cash or prepayments on pick-up day.  

Airline Shipping Policy :

We use United Pet Safe exclusively for shipping our puppies.  However if the need arrives due to final location, we will use American or Delta Airlines.  Without question, we prefer the care and handling of United's Pet Safe program for our puppies.  The shipping  cost, health certificate ($70.00), and airline approved carrier and accessories will be solely at your expense.

Automobile Shipping Policy:

We will also bring a puppy to you if you are located no more than 4 hours away in  NC, SC, Eastern TN & KY, and VA for an additional $50.00 and the cost of gas (to be determined upon location).  We will also meet you up to 4 hours away from our location in any direction for the same terms. Further travel distances via automobile on the east coast may be negotiated.  

Your puppy must be paid in full prior to shipment.