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Black Medium F1b Goldendoodle Puppies Available Now!

Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles is located in Statesville, NC and we focus on producing happy and healthy F1b goldendoodle puppies. We are a proud blue ribbon member of GANA. At Parfait Mischen, we are dedicated to client satisfaction and most importantly to our dogs and  puppies.  

Because the goldendoodle is a cross-breed, they will have exceptional genetics. They will not have the same kind of health problems that plague their pure-bred parents. Especially when their pure-bred parents have been tested and cleared for all the genetic diseases that they are known to be predisposed to have in their lines. All will go through thorough DNA testing and will be certified for their eyes, hips, heart, knees, and elbows and be DNA tested for the common breed diseases once they reach two years of age.