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 Pet Companion, Therapy and Service Dogs
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             Welcome Home

At Parfait Mischen, we are dedicated to client satisfaction and most importantly to our dogs and  puppies.   We are a proud blue ribbon member of GANA.  We want you to know for certain that you are getting a healthy, we socialized, and happy puppy.  We work hard at being a quality reputable breeder  We currently have several types of GANA goldendoodle puppies available. We are located in Statesville, NC

Because the goldendoodle is a cross-breed, they will have exceptional genetics. They will not have the same kind of health problems that plague their pure-bred parents. Especially when their pure-bred parents have been tested and cleared for all the genetic diseases that they are known to be predisposed to have in their lines. All will go through thorough DNA testing and will be certified for their eyes, hips, heart, knees, and elbows and be DNA tested for the common breed diseases once they reach two years of age.

We bred with excellence in mind.  Excellence in temperament, health, and structure. We work hard at maintaining healthy lines and take any and all precautions to ensure that our puppies get the best start available. Most if not all of our goldendoodles make for wonderful therapy and service dogs, not to mention great pet companions!

We start our puppies off right by using bio sensory training. At a very early age we do early neurological stimulation exercises with each of our puppies. These exercises could have important and lasting effects.  Even if it is a slight possibility for a smarter and healthier dog, we are willing to put the time and effort into it.

We also proudly use a modified version of the Volhard Temperament Testing. We perform puppy temperament testing on our puppies at 49 days old. Countless time we have heard back from our clients that the puppy description that was given at 7 weeks is the same description at two years of age.  Puppies like people are predisposed to having certain personalities or temperaments.  We have over forty years of dog ownership and fifteen years of breeding to help us with our puppy evaluations. It is important to us to match the puppy with their forever people. 

We are your support group.  Once you purchase a puppy from us, you have also purchased a life long support and information source.  We are always here for you.  From questions to potty training to health, we will make it a priority to respond.  We also are a safe place to re home your dog if the need arises.  Life happens and circumstances change.  We are here to take back our dogs if the need arises. We hope that our dogs become such an intricate part of your family that the need never arises but, regardless of reason we are happy to take back one of our own.