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F2b GANA Goldendoodle Puppies, Statesville, NC

The F2b generation has a good success rate for non-shedding compared to the F1 and F2 Generations. This generation can work well for families with moderate to severe allergies. Many families desire this breeding because it has a little more Golden Retriever than the F1B. Most are low to non-shedders. The Second Generation backcross Goldendoodle (F2B) is produced by crossing an F1 Goldendoodle with an F1B Goldendoodle or by crossing an F2 Goldendoodle back to a Poodle.


Indy and Brody's Litter



Birthday:     January 7, 2019

Testing:        February 25, 2019

Selection:     February 26, 2019

Ready:          March 4, 2019

Parents:         Indy/Brody

Size:               Medium (40-55lbs)

Gender:            Female


Volhard Puppy Testing Results

Mostly 1's with an above average energy level

"Oh no!" is what you are thinking when you see that she has scored mostly 1's, however her mostly 1's have been scored in the "brave" areas.  She scored 1's in sound sensitivity, sight sensitivity, stability and retrieving. These areas are good to score 1's in...well maybe not in the retrieving, but that can always be trained. The exciting news is that she scored 3's in the dominance areas which is VERY good. 

This girl is built for adventures! She is very sweet and gentle. Intelligent, curious, and investigative are her best descriptions (watch out squirrels).   Independent is her nature.  She will be the kind of dog that will be glad to be with you but can also, be left alone. She would thrive in a home that has dog knowledge. She is just slightly above normal with her energy level and play drive.  She has energy to drain and daily walks and play session are a must with her. Because she is independent it will take her time to master the "come" and  "stay" commands. She is also observant of her environment. Learning will be easy for this girl.

A $500.00 deposit is required for all puppies. It is always best to wait and be sure the litter is in good health, therefore deposits become non-refundable  after the litter reaches two weeks of age.  Deposits are accepted in good faith. The breeder is promising to hold a puppy of the buyer’s choice, and the buyer is promising to keep their part of the agreement and pay for a puppy.  A deposit is NOT refundable, because you change your mind, or find a puppy closer to home.  If I have accepted a deposit, I am “holding” a puppy and may have to pass up another good home.  A refund will be given only if the puppy does not pass the Vet check-up or if you place a deposit on an upcoming litter and the puppy that you are placing the deposit on (sex/color) is not born in the litter.  It is ultimately my decision about deposits.

We offer PayPal services for deposits only or we will gladly accept a check when you place a deposit on your puppy but the puppy is not officially "held" until your check clears.  If you would like to use PayPal to pay in full, please contact us first, or your payment will be declined and returned.

When you come to pick up your puppy, please bring cash or make arrangements with us to prepay through PayPal.  We only accept cash or prepayments on pick-up day.