Miss Peachy Pink

 Therapy and Emotional Support Dog Potential

Birthday:     January 20, 2020

Ready:         March 18, 2020

Parents:        Indy/Charlie

Size:              Large Medium (40-50lbs)

Gender:       Female

Coat:            Wavy Curly


Volhard Testing Results*: MIXTURE OF 3'S & 4'S ~ SOLID BETA ~ MODERATE ENERGY

She is a sweet beta puppy! She has a good energy level, and loves meeting new people. She is gentle, sweet, and very confident in new situations.  She is smart and will be very easy to train.  Her energy level can be easily drained with daily walks.  This is one happy-go lucky, take on the world, ready when you are puppy. She will do fantastic in all homes.  A very sweet natured puppy and would do well as a therapy or emotional support dog.


*Testing may be predictive but should not be construed as absolute given an animal's behavior ultimately depends upon internal, external, and environmental factors. And, the extent to which nature vs nurture influence and effect the ultimate behavior outcome irrespective of preliminary test results from a given point in time and the animal's life.

otinger Amber and Charlie

Pet Companion, Therapy and Emotional Support Dogs

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