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Parfait Mischen's Bentley's "Biscuit"

Biscuit is adorable, mischievous, smart and cunning.    She is going to be used in the miniature multi-gene lines in the fall of 2020.  She will be undergoing testing prior to breeding and we will announce her results as her testing is completed.  She lives with me, Julia Castillo.  She is super smart and a thinker. There is nothing that doesn't get past her. She likes to escape and we have to be much smarter than her to keep her from getting out of our fence. Doesn't she realize it is for her own protection? Geesh! what is wrong with her? I can tell you, she has been a challenge to contain. But currently I am winning the escape war which makes me happy.  However, I know that I will have to put my brain into action again, because this girl is relentless and is bound and determined. Good thing she has me as a mom, because I am even more bound and determined to make sure she is safe.  I do love a good challenge though and she definitely challenges my creative side. 

OFA Heart - TBD

OFA Patella Luxation - TBD


OFA Hips - TBD

OFA Elbows - TBD

GR - PRA1 - N/N

GR - PRA2 - N/N

vWD1  - N/N

NEwS - N/N

DM - N/N

Ich  - N/C