....Helping in a Time of Need

My friend, Megan's father, and PM's co-founder... Walter Wagner,

owner and founder of Blue Ridge Doodles, Kingsport, TN


Walter Wagner is a very dear part of Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles. We began Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles together in 2015 when we decided to take his English cream golden retriever, Vicki and breed her to my poodle Charlie. We kept a puppy from their first breeding, Pippin. We are both experienced breeders of our purebreds. We know what it takes to be reputable, ethical, and provide extended help (training advice, health advocates, and a safe return place if the need arises)  to families that get a puppy from us. In 2017, Walter took a pastoralship in Kingsport, TN. He left his partnership to Megan, his daughter. Megan just happens to not only be a dear friend, but she is my  beloved daughter in law. 


When Walter moved to TN, he also founded of Blue Ridge Doodles in Kingsport. He  breeds medium f1 (30-40lbs)  goldendoodles. Recently, Walter was diagnosed with heart failure.  He originally believed it was Covid-19. He had the same symptoms. It was not, he tested negative. However, his doctor discovered that only 20% of his heart is functioning. He was in congestive heart failure. This news could not have come at a more difficult time. His TN business partner, Daniel Bishop is also experiencing a stressful time in his life. His wife, Kelly just gave birth to twins. One of the twins passed away in her womb earlier in her pregnancy, the other arrived five weeks early. Being a twin, he was much smaller than a 25 week old baby. The Bishops have a toddler at home. Kelly has experienced some health issues since her c-section. Daniel is now dad and mom to their toddler at home and making hourly trips each way to visit with his premature baby.  


Walter will be having open heart surgery and will not be able to raise or meet clients especially because of Covid. Daniel has more on his plate than he can handle now. We are stepping in to care for their dogs, raise their puppies and meet new families. Not only will anyone who gets a puppy from Blue Ridge Doodles, get extended help from Walter and his business partner Daniel, but you will have us too. It is very important to both Parfait Mischen Goldendoodles and Blueridge Doodles that you have not only a healthy puppy but a happy one too!  We at PM Goldendoodles will be taking on the ENS the first two weeks of the puppies lives, teaching them early manners, crate-training and house training, and making sure that they are wormed, vaccinated, microchipped, and vet checked before they get to your home. We could do nothing more than help during this difficult time to find homes for their puppies. 

We will also be helping Blue Ridge Doodles become GANA certified, and will be registering their dames and their sire with GANA. We are happy to be a blessing to them in this crazy covid 2020 year. We hope to be a blessing to you too!  Below is their website where you can learn more about them.  Just click here

Blue Ridge Doodles Waiting List:

Born: 8/15/20 Ready:10/10/2020

1. MONTGOMERY -female

2. LEONARD -male

3. KOONYEVSKY - male

4. SCHALL -female

5. BACHIK - female

6.HOLLYWOOD - female

7.KING- female


Mr. Denim Blue


Mr. Ash Grey


Miss Jade Green


Miss Poppy Pink


Miss Violet Purple


Miss Snow White


Miss Marigold Yellow

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