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Parfait Mischen's Indiana (Indy)

Indy is an F1 goldendoodle.  She is energy and excitement.  Adventure and fearless.  She is being raised with two cats, and a toddler.  Her favorite thing to do is to drag her cats around the house and yard...what dog is allowed to do that with a cat?  It speaks volumes of her gentle personality.  She is very cautious of her surroundings when she is playing with her toddler friend, Alayna.   Alayna can do whatever she pleases including pulling her ears and beard and Indy will just lick her. She is very good-natured.  She is most definitely a Parfait Mischen goldendoodle...the perfect mix of a golden retriever and poodle.  Indy is a carrier of the ICH and GR-PRA2 strands.  This means that her puppies will come with a strict spay neuter contract.   Because we are breeding her with a non-carrier,  her puppies will never have these diseases, but they will be carriers of them and as an ethical breeder, we cannot with good conscience do any thing less. 

OFA Heart - Normal

OFA Patella Luxation - Normal

OFA Hips- Fair

OFA Elbows - Excellent

OFA Eyes - Normal

GR - PRA1 - N/N

GR - PRA2 - N/P (carrier)

vWD1  - N/N 

NEwS - N/N

DM - N/N

Ich  - N/P (carrier)

Parental Lines