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Parfait Mischen's Millie

Millie is an F1 goldendoodle and a very family oriented dog.  She is being raised with three active boys who live for outdoor adventure.  She goes with them on all their outings.  Her favorite thing to do is paddle board with her boys on Lake Norman.  She is a Parfait Mischen goldendoodle with an kind, steady, and devoted personality. The perfect mix of a golden retriever and poodle.  

OFA Heart - Normal

OFA Patella Luxation - Normal

OFA Hips- Good

OFA Elbows -Excellent

OFA Eyes - Normal

GR - PRA1 - N/N

GR - PRA2 - N/N

vWD1  - N/N

NEwS - N/N

DM - N/N

Ich  - N/N

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