AKC High Soaring Sully of Pear Tree Rd

Meet Sully.  He is an AKC purebred small miniature poodle. He is also a character!  He loves socks.  He is quite obsessed with them.  In our home if a sock comes up missing we know that Sully has probably had a hand in it.  He is a very loving and attentive companion.  He enjoys being the center of attention and enjoys his cuddle time.  He is a faithful and devoted friend.  He loves to play with his toys and will spend endless hours playing fetch.  We are very happy to have him in our breeding program and his puppies are high in demand! 


Parfait Mischen's Kizzy

Kizzy is one of our very own.  She is out of Millie and Louis.   She lives with me, Julia Castillo. I adore this sweet loving and gentle little miniature.  She is so much fun and super smart.  She adores my three year old granddaughter and follows her every where she goes. She has a mind of her own and for me that is perfect.  I love a dog that can think for herself and make good decisions...most of the time.  She is quick to obey and she will do anything for a toy or food. She does have one flaw....she's all dog.  As a pup, she would show her love for me by bringing me the cat's leftover love offerings.  Yes, I got at least one half eaten mouse brought into my home at least once a week, thankfully I haven't had the "pleasure" of disposing of a dead mouse in a while.  YUCK!  Needless to say, she was not allowed to give us kisses and still isn't, and she learned a very important command before entering our home from being outside, "Drop it!" We still say it to this day...cause you just never know with Kizzy.

Parfait Mischen's Bentley's Biscuit

Biscuit is adorable, mischievous, smart and cunning.    She is going to be used in the miniature multi-gene lines in the fall of 2020.  She will be undergoing testing prior to breeding and we will announce her results as her testing is completed.  She lives with me, Julia Castillo.  She is super smart and a thinker. There is nothing that doesn't get past her. She likes to escape and we have to be much smarter than her to keep her from getting out of our fence. Doesn't she realize it is for her own protection? Geesh!  I can tell you, she has been a challenge to contain. But currently I am winning the escape war which makes me happy.  However, I know that I will have to put my brain into action again because this girl is relentless and is bound and determined to find a way to escape. It is a very good thing she as me as a dog mom, because I am even more bound and determined to make sure she is safe! I do love a good challenge though and she definitely challenges my creative side. Biscuit is a carrier of Ich.  This means that her puppies will come with a strict spay neuter contract.   Because we are breeding her with a non-carrier, her puppies will never have this skin problem, but they will be carriers of it and as ethical breeders, we cannot with good conscience do any thing less. 

Parfait Mischen's Gidget

Gidget is one of our very own.  She too, is out of Millie and Louis and is going to be used in the miniature multi-gene lines. She lives with my son, his wife, and my  beautiful granddaughter. Gidget is just one of the girls, a real gal pal!  She is clever and cunning. Megan has to watch her to make sure she stays in her yard, can you believe that she finds new escape routes weekly? Smart little dog!  She adores my three year old granddaughter and follows her every where she goes, and therefore she is an awesome dog as far as I am concerned.  We are truly excited to be using this curly coated, clever, and cunning goldendoodle in our program. We are ever more excited and proud that she was bred from our Millie and (newly retired) Louis. 


AKC Sir Charles Chaplin of Pear Tree Rd

We are proud to announce that in January of 2015, Charlie received UKC championship title. He is a delightful, smart, driven, and loving family member and we adore him. He has a fun loving play drive that never ends, and we expect exceptional personalities and temperaments out of our standard F1b litters.  


Parfait Mischen's Pippin

Pippen is an F1 English Cream Goldendoodle, out of Charlie and Vicki.  She has been selected from our August 2015 F1 Standard litter as a breeding female.  She is currently being spoiled and loved by the Gordon family and is in a double doodle home with Lily her best pal. She has what we are looking for in a goldendoodle but most importantly she has the sweetest temperament and disposition.  We are excited to have her join our program. Pippen is a carrier of Ich.  This means that her puppies will come with a strict spay neuter contract.   Because we are breeding her with a non-carrier,  her puppies will never have this skin problem, but they will be carriers of it and as ethical breeders, we cannot with good conscience do any thing less. 


Triple E Golden Amber

Amber is a very sweet tempered and good natured girl. She has the melt your heart kind of personality. Looking into her Amber eyes and you see an old soul that wants nothing to do more than to be loved and cherished. We are excited to add Amber to our breeding program for our F1 goldendoodle miniature lines.


Triple E English Golden Morning Mist

Can you say love bug?  This girl just wants to spread love to anyone that will accept it. Misty is just a very genuine dog. A people pleaser. She is as gentle and easy going as it comes. We are so pleased to be able to add this temperament to our F1 miniature goldendoodle lines. Both Misty and Amber live with Megan and are being loved on by our Alayna. What a life!

Parfait Mischen's Indiana

Indy is an F1 goldendoodle.  She is energy and excitement.  Adventure and fearless.  She is being raised with two cats, and a toddler.  She is very cautious of her surroundings when she is playing with my grandaughter, Alayna.  Alayna can do whatever she pleases including pulling her ears and beard and Indy will just lick her. She is very good-natured.  She is most definitely a Parfait Mischen goldendoodle...the perfect mix of a golden retriever and poodle.  Indy is a carrier of the ICH and GR-PRA2 strands.  This means that her puppies will come with a strict spay neuter contract.   Because we are breeding her with a non-carrier,  her puppies will never have these diseases,


Blue Ridge Doodles' Huck Dent

Huck is a GANA blue ribbon registered standard poodle. We have partnered with Blue Ridge Doodles for sireship rights. We are excited to have Huck in our breeding program. He has excellent health clearances and is a proven stud. We just can't wait to use him in 2021! You can learn all about Huck here:




Parfait Mischen's Crew

Crew is an amazing door greeter, if you want a dog that loves to see you walk through the door, this is that dog! His favorite game is every dogs favorite - FETCH. Whether it’s his favorite ball, doughnut, or rubber bone. He loves to steal socks and shoes. His guardian mom, Kim’s favorite trick is that he can hug on command. He is super snuggly and loving. Plus he is a dog's dog! Super intelligent, his up on two feet double spin for a treat is a crowd favorite. And when it’s bedtime and you have stayed up, he may beat you to the master bed. Makes a great heated blanket. Very loyal to all of his people, and loves his play time with Ty his  7 yr old bestie human.

Meet Wrigley.  He is an F1bb goldendoodle, the son of Sully  and Kizzy. He is an apple that hasn't fallen far from the tree, like father like son, he too is a ham.  He loves to throw his toys up in the air and catch them. His favorite past time is to pick at Sully. Sully loves it though and they get along very well.  He is a loving and sweet boy.  Not only does he have the temperament for our breeding program but we are very pleased with his conformation and coat. We are very happy to be adding him to our breeding program in 2021 (after all his testing is completed)

Parfait Mischen's Wrigley's Big Red

Parfait Mischen's Sylva

Meet Sylva she is the love of my sister's life and she is the best friend to my niece, Pierson. She also lives with another doodle named Indigo Blue. She enjoys being the baby of the house and according to my sister she is a jack rabbit.  This girl can jump. She loves everyone she meets and she works hard at just being a dog. She will be added to our breeding program in 2021 and she is also one of our very own. She is out of Indiana and Brody. We are excited to see the temperaments and colors that she and Sully will produce.

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