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An email we received on November 15, 2019

Hi Julia!

I hope you're doing well! I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you that Poppy  and I are doing so well!!!! She is a great dog, who is getting used to life in the big city. She gets her final shots on Saturday, and then we get to running around the huge parks around me! Thank you for raising her for the first couple months, she is just a dream. Attached are some pictures. Thanks again!!!



An excerpt from an email we received on November 14, 2019

Hi Julia,
I can’t begin to tell you how much I love little Lexie. She is the perfect dog for me. She watches Sheldon and learns. I give her a command, she gets it. Very food motivated so that helps. When it is warmer, she loves playing outside in the leaves etc. Her fur would get tangled, despite my best efforts to keep her combed every night. So she had her second grooming yesterday and I told my groomer I wanted her to cut her about an inch all over. Guess what? I have a little poodle! I know not literally, but all her fur curled up! I LOVE it. She looks about half the size of what she did. So cute. She has a little pink collar with a bow attached. And I have spoiled her rotten. She is soooo funny. She takes her favorite toys and keeps them in her playpen. Sheldon doesn’t care about toys, but it’s just funny what she tries to hide. Her favorite toy, what she sleeps with every night is Lamb Chop.
She loves everyone she meets and then they fall in love with her. She and Sheldon are snuggled together in bed with me as I type.She has made such a difference in my life since Scott died. We match up perfectly in the temperament testing.

Thank you so much for bringing her in my life. ️


An email we received on October 30, 2019

Thought you’d enjoy a few photos of Spencer…He had vet visit yesterday and he is now 10+ lbs and very healthy.

This little guy is super confident and fearless. He does not back down from any size dog and is into the rough and tumble play. On his walks, he never wants to be behind any dog and works like crazy to be the lead dog. He loves his big brother, Gulliver, and Gulliver is a great role model and teacher. He is a smart little guy and understands the sit command very well, especially when food is arriving. His potty habits are much improved but still not there yet. He does usually ring the bell when brought to the door to go out. He is starting to get stay and come primarily because he follows Gulliver’s lead. Stays in his crate at night and sleeping well from around 11PM to 6:30 to 7:30 AM. Did not like to be separated from us when we had crate in bathroom but all went well when we put it near our bed. A bit of a hole digger and barks when left alone without attention or his mate, Gulliver.. Likes to chase the ball and getting much better at returning it..

We and everyone he meets are loving his cuteness.

Paul and Christy


Excerpt from an email we received on October 16, 2019

"I hope all is well! We have had Mr. Green (Who we've named Louie) for
3 days now and he is doing great! He is super playful and loving. He
cries for about 15 minutes when put in his crate for bed, but then
falls asleep. We are working on not peeing/pooping in the
apartment/hallway, but I think he is adjusting fine to a different

Jess Capobianco


From an email we received on September 20, 2019

"I am so happy with Odie. He has spent much time sleeping in my lap. He had a good lunch, we played in the yard with him chasing me and now he is sleeping in his crate with the door wide open. I love him."

-Rolf Wulfsberg


From an email we received on October 18, 2018

Hi Julia!

I’m writing to give you a quick update on Hamilton (aka Tilly’s Mr. Blue, born in February 2017). He is a fantastic dog and I am so lucky to have him in my life. Since day one we’ve been attached at the hip (he’s definitely a “velcro-dog”; if I so much as try to shower alone he’ll open the  door and plop himself down on the bathroom floor!) and he’s such a loving, friendly sweetheart.

Hamilton is nearly finished with his training to be a mobility-assistance service dog for my cystic fibrosis. We have a few things left to work on with him, but he’s progressing wonderfully and we expect him to complete his training by June 2019. He’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met: before his first birthday he had nearly all of his task-work down – he could retrieve dropped objects, bring me a bag of medication on cue, alert to changes in my breathing pattern, push buttons to open doors, close dishwashers/cabinets/drawers, and so much more. I’ve attached a few videos of him working, and I’d be happy to discuss more about his job with you if you’d like! He has such a love for training and learning, and he picks things up so quickly. He’s incredibly eager to please and very engaged, which makes my job as a trainer much easier. So far he’s weathered a variety of situations with me, ranging from in-patient hospital stays and surgeries to freshman orientation for college. He takes everything in stride and does an exceptional job keeping me safe and independent.

Hamilton has such a passion for working and he loves his job. We just started our freshman year at UNC Chapel Hill together (not too far from Statesville!) and attending lectures with me is one of his favorite things to do. I’m studying nursing, so he’s been very patient with all the boring STEM classes that we sit through! He’s adjusted very well to dorm life and he adores the attention that he gets from all the students that miss their own dogs and need some puppy love! And I have to admit, playing fetch with him on the quad has made both of us lots of friends since he’s just so darn adorable!

Hamilton is a gorgeous, healthy dog with a wonderful temperament. He’s incredibly friendly, adaptable, and eager to please. He’s wildly intelligent and has a distinctly sassy and playful personality that’s always making me laugh. And to top it all off, he came home with absolutely fantastic foundations in socialization, crate-training, and potty-training! The longer I work with him, the more astounded I am by the exceptional breeding and raising behind him. I’m so, so grateful for the work that you put into him, and I'm so lucky to have him in my life. 

Thank you, 



From an email we received on September 15, 2018


We wanted to reach out to share a photo and to tell you how much we love our lil’ guy, Ari (Aristotle). He’s healthy, happy and smart as a whip. He has two modes, a complete teddy bear or wide-open puppy! Ari is a perfect addition to our family and we are so happy to have him.

Thank you PM Goldendoodles!

- Brandi Kokos


From an email we received on April 21, 2018


Hope all is well with you and the doodles!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Scarlett (Miss Pink) as she’s just crossed 6 months. It’s been an eventful week for her, she had her first trip to the dog groomer and a few days later she was spayed. She did excellent with the surgery although she’s not a fan of the cone haha. She’s 33lbs already and just a ball of energy and joy. We don’t know what we ever did without her, she’s been a wonderful addition to our family! She loves being outside and we’ve started taking her for walks on the greenway. We’re excited to get her in the water once it warms up. 

Thanks again for all your help in the purchasing process, we look forward to many wonderful years with Scarlett!

- Manny & Elizabeth


From an email we received on April 5, 2018

Hi Julia. 

Hope this finds you well. Not sure if you remember but today is the birthday of the pup we received from you. I believe she was called Miss Green but we named her Winifred (Winnie). She’s amazing and doing well here in NYC. This is her today. We may be in touch for another soon!



 From an email we received on November 9, 2017

38 lbs
7 months old
Smart as a tack - waits in a room while until I rerun in several minutes or more!
Loves pup cups from Chick-fi-let!
He’s loved, loved, and gives great love!
Tell me he’s not one of your prettiest pups! 😉
Vonnie Stoneburner
Richmond VA


  From emails we received on March 19, 2017

We are the owners of your Mr. Black, born on 8/16/16, and I have been wanting to write to you for several months, but I kept getting sidetracked -- not tonight!
Just a quick message to tell you what an amazing puppy Bert is -- we couldn't possibly love a dog more, and there couldn't possibly be a better dog for us. My husband, in particular, is positively BESOTTED, and it's wonderful to see both of them so in love!!
Thank you for adding such a perfect puppy to our lives. Please don't hesitate to use us as a reference for your breeding business, should you ever need one. It's so interesting that the Volhard Puppy Tests proved so accurate in predicting Bert's personality. He's outgoing, friendly, curious, energetic, and enthusiastic.
He very much wants to please, but he can also be quite independent, and he's very smart. He now weighs almost 50 lbs., is quite tall, and he's totally gorgeous. He's still jet black, but some areas of his muzzle have turned brown. My husband has thousands of photos of Bert on his phone -- when he reads this, I'll get him to send you a recent shot of him.
I hope all is well with you.

Ruth is right, Bert is a great dog.  I have included a short video of how he opens all of our doors and will send another email with a recent photo.  He is the sweetest dog but very smart and doing well with training.  A great addition to our family.




Excerpts from Facebook Messenger on November 21, 2016

"Thank you so much for being so quick to always answer me! You have no idea how much I appreciate it."

"If anybody is looking for a testimonial please send them my way! I have nothing but good things to say about this puppy and you guys!"

~Ashley Watkins

Excerpts from Facebook Messenger on April 16, 2017

We have beach hair don't care at a whole new level! Josh convinced me to put all my high dollar training to use. BEST. DOG. EVER!!!


  From an email we received on March 9, 2016

"Boone has adapted well to us and it feels like we have known him for years. Boone has a loving connection with myself and Trent, both individually. It has truly been an amazing experience so far, we love him deeply."

Best Regards,
Molly Kight


From an email we received on March 2, 2016

"I thought I would drop you a quick line to tell you how fabulous Lulu is doing.    She has fit right in to our family and has been nothing but a sweetheart.  

She has been meeting some neighbors and their dogs and we had another visitor today and did great.   She is gentle and loving with Bella and Ruby and rode with me to school yesterday to pick them up.  She had her first vet appt yesterday and did great.  She is scheduled for her next checkup at the end of this month.  

She is such a lover and a total lap dog.  She is really bonding with us and we have had no unexpected issues.   Her first night, she whimpered and barked for the first hour but settled down on her own.  After her first night in the crate, she has gone to bed in her crate each night without even a whimper and sleeps through the night.  

We snuggle and carry her around and have yet to find one dog hair - that is amazing.  

We can't thank you enough for making our dreams come true with this sweet little puppy."

Take care,
Tom, Heather, Bella, Ruby and Lulu Stella Pooches


From an email we received on February 28, 2016

"He is such a wonderful little guy and we just adore him!  Thank you!"

~Amy Shope


From a  text we received on April 25, 2016

Sebastian is doing great! We still keep him on a leash most of the time as he still loves to eat everything. He will start his training soon.  He's grown so much!

~Stephanie Barrier

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